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Viagra: original or generic ?

Unfortunately, today the number of people requiring additional medication to raise the morale of the men, are increasing, and there is a clear tendency to continue increasing that number. Contribute to constant stress, stressful pace of life, bad ecology, as well as the inability of the men themselves to relax and switch from work troubles and daily tasks easy and fun. If the global pharmaceutical industry don't start working towards solving this problem, the number of unfortunate men and women at the moment would have reached already astronomical values. Initially, drugs were produced, that is, in the original version that was available not everyone.

The next stage in spreading preparations of this class was the appearance on the market of this group of drugs. A distinctive feature was the full original, at a price much lower. One of the most effective generics of this group is is cheap Viagra reviews about this drug saying it is in many respects markedly superior to Viagra in particular, the presence of side effects and the nature of their occurrence.

What side effects the drug causes

Generic Viagra online rare cases, provoke adverse reactions that was established in clinical studies and confirmed by consumer reviews. Such reactions include flushing the face headache, palpitations, disruption of the gastrointestinal tract, disturbed color perception, and the sense of smell, nasal congestion and epistaxis.


Viagra is a drug whose action is directed on restoration of functions of sexual arousal. This effect is achieved through the allocation of nitrogen oxide, which is produced under the influence of a special enzyme "guanylate cyclase". Despite many positive characteristics, this drug and there are contraindications:

First, the reception of Viagra banned men with deformations formed on the penis;
This drug is contraindicated in persons who are prone to copious blood;
Viagra not recommended to take for those who have diagnosed problems with the gastrointestinal tract;
Men who suffer from violation of the liver, it is also recommended to refrain from taking the drug;
Viagra is also contraindicated in men diagnosed with hypotension or hypertension and is also associated with heart disease.

Viagra reviews about the drug
Feedback on the action of medicines in themselves are quite individual. Indeed, the effect of drugs on the body depends on many factors. Nevertheless, every day many men are looking for in the search engines reviews about viagra to make sure high efficiency of the drug according to people who managed to try it for yourself. Many customers of our store who are hesitant to try drugs to increase potency for the first time, also want to make sure their effectiveness.

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